African mahogany bark for infusion, Khaya Ivorensis tree bark


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The African mahogany is a tropical tree traditionally found in West Africa. It’s known for being strong, stable, and some might say majestic. For centuries, African mahogany has been valued for its high-quality wood, soil stabilization abilities, medicinal properties from the bark.

The bark of certain trees, including mahogany, is often prepared as herbs. To do that, the bark is boiled, sometimes with other herbs to prepare a concoction.
One medical review showed that saponin, tannin, alkaloid, cardiac glycoside, flavonoids, phlobatannin are some of the phytochemicals of mahogany bark and could be responsible for its medicinal properties.

100 grams (3.5274 oz) of mahogany bark for infusion. Leaving the mahogany barks suspended over time in alcohol will extract the chemical compound or flavor.
The local people use to add mahogany barks to the sugar cane alcohol, called akpeteshie. The taste is aromatic and it is believed that that mahogany infusion acts as blood tonic.

Mahogani bark tea benefits: treats malaria and fever, could regulate blood sugar, enhances heart health, decreases hypertension risks, increases immune system strength, stimulates the appetite, it has antioxidant properties, possibility of healing wounds. African mahogani is used as a laxative, analgesic, antihemorrhagic, febrifuge, aphrodisiac and emetic in the traditional medicine.



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