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Men rustic ethnic necklace made with coconut beads, infimbinga seeds, tiger eye semiprecious stone beads, hammered rustic brass beads from Mali and old real snake vertebrae. As a pendant a raffia nut.

Length 24 inches.

Wearing snake jewelry can help bring the wearer closer to their own transformation. It can be tough to learn to shed our skin, but snake jewelry reminds us that we can, and we must! The serpent jewelry teaches us purification.
In ancient Egypt, cobras were often worn and pictured in temples and tombs to represent royalty and the divine.
This sacred reptile holds great history with versatile meanings. It is said that snake fashion jewelry can be worn for fertility. Fertility in your life can be interpreted as having children, or for birthing new ideas and new beginnings. This reptilian is associated with sexuality and sensuality.

Wearing one of our snake necklace can embody the God or Goddess inside of you and help you to feel sexy!
Tiger eye is said to combine earth energy with light or sun energy and it’s good for growing your confidence and strength and it is known as the stone of courage.


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